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Ministry Executive

Hannes Hanso

Jüri Luik

Minister of Defence

The Minister of Defence is responsible for the organization of national defence in the Republic of Estonia. He heads the Ministry of Defence and is responsible on  governing national defence and any issues that may pertain to it.
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Kristjan Prikk

Kristjan Prikk

Permanent Secretary

He creates the basic environment and transparent process for the fulfillment of national defence strategic goals, organizational development and economic parameters, all through efficient and open communication. He gives directions and guidelines to the undersecretaries, personnel department and the head of strategic communications as well as ministry advisors. He coordinates the activities of state agencies administered by the Ministry.
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Meelis Oidsalu

Meelis Oidsalu

Undersecretary for Defence Planning

The Undersecretary for Defence Planning coordinates the defence planning department, defence readiness department, defence investments department and the defence service department.
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Erki Kodar

Erki Kodar

Undersecretary for Legal and Administrative Affairs

The Undersecretary for Legal and Administrative Affairs coordinates the legal department, security and administration department, IT department, records department and the cyber policy department.
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Last updated: 22 August 2018