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Representative security conference in Tallinn sharply dissects the future of security in the Western world

30. September 2016 - 10:50
Tallinnas peetav julgeolekukonverents ABCD vaatab euroatlantilise julgeoleku tulevikku pealkirja „Sild üle rahutu vee“ all.
Tallinnas peetav julgeolekukonverents ABCD vaatab euroatlantilise julgeoleku tulevikku pealkirja „Sild üle rahutu vee“ all.

The topic of the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD), the Baltic states annual security conference, being held today in Tallinn, is “Bridge over Troubled Waters: The Future of Euro-Atlantic Security”.

Having spoken as part of the opening panel, Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso said that it is extremely important and valuable to Estonia that an international discussion seeking solutions to regular and security related challenges that are currently in the spotlight is organised in Estonia, featuring security policy experts from Member Countries and Partner Countries that share the same values as we do.

“I believe that the security experts who have gathered together in Tallinn will, as a result of creative deliberation during the course of free discussion, reach possible decisions on a series of solutions on how to contain possible future security risks and security risks that are currently in the spotlight in the Western world,” said Minister of Defence Hanso. “It is crucial that security experts, on whom the security of our region depends, are able to meet here each year, in Tallinn, the capital of border NATO member state Estonia, and freely discuss topics of vital importance to us in such a manner that new ideas are born.”

The welcome speech at the ABCD conference was given by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of the Republic of Estonia. Also appearing at the conference will be Minister of Defence of Montenegro, Dr Milica Pejanović Đurišić; Douglas E. Lute, Ambassador of the United States to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); and several experts from NATO and its Member States.

Through the series of discussions at the conference, organised in cooperation between the International Centre for Defence and Security and the Ministry of Defence, participants will attempt to look into the future and think about the best way to confront the problems being faced.

In order to allow for freedom of speech and confidentiality at the same time, the conference follows the Chatham House Rule, according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified.

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