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Ministry of Defence honoured U.S. officers

6. June 2016 - 10:13
Capt. Daniel Griffin (left), Lt.Col. William McNicol and Permanent Secretary Jonatan Vseviov
Capt. Daniel Griffin (left), Lt.Col. William McNicol and Permanent Secretary Jonatan Vseviov

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Jonatan Vseviov presented the Third Class Cross of Merit of the Ministry of Defence to Lieutenant Colonel William McNicol and Captain Daniel Griffin, from the United States, for their exemplary contribution to the development of military cooperation between Estonia and the United States.

While presenting the medals, Vseviov stated that the level of defence related cooperation that has been achieved between Estonia and the United States over the past few years is, in great part, due to the active contributions of the two officers who were honoured today.

“The contributions of Lt. Col. William McNicol and Capt. Daniel Griffin to the development of Estonia are highly visible and important. In many ways it is due specifically to their work that US Army units and Air Force planes have arrived in Estonia,” said the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence.

Lt. Col. McNicol has served as Chief of the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia since 2014. His area of responsibility has included rotating the presence of units from the United States Army, coordinating infrastructure projects being built by the U.S. in Estonia and planning the use of assets from numerous U.S. government funds in Estonia.

As a Maryland National Guard A-10 Thunderbolt pilot and contact officer, Captain Griffin has supported the development of cooperation between the Estonian and U.S. Air Force. Captain Griffin has helped to ensure that over the last two years more U.S. Air Force personnel, aviation technology and investments have arrived at Ämari Air Base than ever before. In cooperation with experts from the Maryland National Guard, Captain Griffin has also coordinated the possible further development of Ämari Air Base based on the needs of the air forces of the United States and Estonia.

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