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Ministry of Defence and Guardtime announce competition for cyber defence scholarships

16. November 2015 - 15:24

The Ministry of Defence and AS Guardtime have signed a memorandum of cooperation pledging four 10,000-euro scholarships to be awarded to master’s degree students studying cyber defence.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Ministry of Defence will award two of the scholarships and AS Guardtime will put up the other two 10,000-euro scholarships. The competition is open to all first-year students in master’s degree programmes in cyber defence at Estonian universities.

Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso said the latest international conflicts show that cyber defence is becoming an inseparable part of modern warfare and that the Ministry of Defence is exerting daily efforts to increase the country’s capability to counter cyber threats.

“One of the most important pillars in developing cyber defence is to train the next generation to be competent professionals in this field,” said Hanso. “Guardtime is one of Estonia’s most innovative and internationally successful cyber defence and technology companies. The cooperation memorandum represents a noteworthy contribution and sends a powerful message about mutual commitment to advancing cyber defence in both Estonia and internationally.

“Strong cyber defence education and motivated students are very important for Guardtime,” said Guardtime vice president Martin Ruubel. Not only commercially but also as a broader message that ensuring secure cyberspace is a common task facing all of us. We are truly glad to join forces with the Estonian Ministry of Defence in working toward common objectives.”

The deadline for scholarship applications is 30 November 2015. Applications are to be submitted via e-mail to stipendiumid[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee.

For more information about the competition rules and the required essay topics, visit the Ministry of Defence website: