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Minister of Defence thanked developers of crisis prep app

17. May 2018 - 10:25

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik presented a gift and letter of thanks to the members of Naiskodukaitse who created the mobile app Ole Valmis (Be Ready), which helps people be better prepared in the event of accidents and during crisis situations.

‘Many thanks for deciding to create this application and for having invested your own time and resources into its creation. You app is an ideal example of the importance of voluntary readiness to society when it comes to raising our level of security,’ said Minister Luik, as he thanked Naiskodukaitse members Elisa Jakson, Helen Allast and Ave Proos.

The app includes instructions on how to act in various crisis situations, for example, what to do if the power has gone out, you are lost in the woods, or how to provide first aid. The app also includes information regarding fire safety and water safety, natural disasters, the disruption of critical services, cyber security and various security threats.

The application also provides users with a list of home and evacuation supplies which will allow users to survive for a week independently, and the application allows you to test your supply levels.

In addition, various useful telephone numbers have been consolidated within the application, which can be called directly from the environment.

The information found in the application has been brought together with the help of many cooperation partners, for example, it includes codes of conduct partially assembled by the Population Protection Task Force and a selection of materials issued by the Estonian Rescue Board.

The application currently works with telephones running the Android operating system and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. An iOS version is currently in development.

Information found in the application is being added to the Naiskodukaitse homepage

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