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Minister of defence opens barracks for logistics units at Ämari

6. February 2015 - 15:47

Ämari, 3 February – Today at mid-day, Minister of Defence Sven Mikser opened the new barracks for the Logistics Battalion and Logistics School at Ämari Air Base, which is part of the goal of consolidating the Defence Forces units in larger and modern on-base facilities.

Mikser said at the opening ceremony that improving the living conditions for conscripts is one of the main goals of the national defence development plan. He said modern living and service conditions are an elementary requirement for being able to administer good basic training.

“It isn’t reasonable for us to maintain Defence Forces garrisons in the middle of the city, which can’t be expanded and which offer limited possibilities as a training centre,” said Mikser. “Fortunately, the Defence Forces is starting to reach a phase in its development where we can move away from the Soviet-era infrastructure.”

Logistics Battalion commander Maj. Andres Kraav said at the opening that the new working environment will provide a possibility of developing but will always mean new challenges as well.

“The service conditions we have had to this point cannot be compared to these ones here. The Ämari barracks take into account our logistical, maintenance and training needs, we have more classrooms and a training area starts right when you step out the door,” said Maj. Kraav.

The Logistics Battalion and Logistics School Defence Forces members will be moving into the two barracks shortly. The barracks can accommodate over 340 personnel. In addition, the buildings have classrooms and staff rooms, as well as rooms designated for maintenance and storage of equipment.

Both of the 3,800-square-metre barracks and staff rooms were built on the basis of a standard barracks design in use in the Defence Forces, which takes into account the previous experience in construction and use of Defence Forces barracks. A bio-waste water treatment plant and pellet-heated boiler plant were also constructed for the barracks. For housing heavy machinery and equipment, parking areas and motorized equipment hangars take up about four hectares next to the buildings.

Up to now, the Defence Forces logistics units have used a base located on Marja tänav in Tallinn, where the living conditions were in the poorest shape of all of the barracks in the Defence Forces system and where training possibilities were limited.

The superannuated base on Marja tänav will be closed along with the one on Rahumäe tee in Tallinn and the properties will be transferred to state Real Estate Ltd. The units formerly based on Marja tänav will move to Ämari Air Base, while other units will move into barracks at the Viru Battalion base in Jõhvi and a complex nearing completion at the Miinisadam Harbour.

The prime contractor for construction of the Ämari barracks was Riverside OÜ. The construction cost 7.63 million euros.

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