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Mikser and Fallon discuss security situation at Ämari meeting

18. June 2015 - 13:31
Ühendkuningriigi kaitseminister Michael Fallon ja Eesti kaitseminister Sven Mikser kohtumisel Ämari lennubaasis

British Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon visited Ämari Air Base tonight for meetings with his Estonian counterpart Sven Mikser and RAF personnel serving at the base.

Fallon said the UK placed great importance on collective defence and support for allies. “The UK is playing a leading role in NATO in implementing the Readiness Action Plan to ensure sufficient deterrence against Russian provocation on NATO’s eastern flank,” said Fallon.

Mikser said Estonia was thankful to the UK for providing security. “The UK is making a considerable contribution to ensuring our security, including a significant role in the NATO Force Integration Unit being launched in Estonia,” said Mikser. “We have had close mutual cooperation and this will continue.”

Four UK Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft are serving at Ämari as part of the NATO air policing mission rotation, bolstering Estonian airspace protection. UK Air Force personnel have been stationed at Ämari since May. German Air Force personnel will replace them in September.

Estonia and the UK have deep bilateral defence cooperation ties. Estonian army units served in British units on the NATO-led Afghanistan operation, and each year, the UK has sent an army unit to take part in Estonia’s large spring exercise Kevadtorm/Siil. The UK has also provided substantial support for Estonian Defence Forces training, sending instructors to Estonia and offering opportunities for Estonian Defence Forces in leading British military academies.

The UK has one officer on the NFIU that was opened in Estonia on Monday. The officer serves as deputy commander. The UK is one of 14 countries that have joined the Tallinn-based NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

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