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Meelis Oidsalu to become undersecretary of Ministry of Defence

11. May 2015 - 16:22
Meelis Oidsalu

On 18 May, Meelis Oidsalu will become the ministry’s undersecretary for legal and administrative affairs.

A committee led by the state secretary declared Oidsalu, currently the development adviser at the ministry, to be the best of seven candidates participating in the public hiring round.

“Oidsalu’s educational background and longstanding work experience in the area of government of the ministry make him an excellent choice for the position. I am certain he will bring new energy to leadership at the ministry, ensure good performance and propose new and inventive solutions for better functioning of the entire area of government,” said the Ministry of Defence permanent secretary, Mikk Marran.

The undersecretary for legal and administrative affairs is responsible for the cyber policy, information technology, legal, finance and administrative departments.

Oidsalu has worked for the Ministry of Defence since 2000. He has served as the ministry’s international cooperation expert, head of the security department and internal audit department and, for the last three years, the development adviser. He is a graduate of Tallinn University with a degree in public administration, and has also completed the Baltic Defence College’s senior leadership courses and has a master’s degree from the US Army War College.

Oidsalu has been decorated with an Order of the White Star 5th class, a Ministry of Defence Service Cross 2nd class and a Defence Forces cross for special services.

Taimar Peterkop, the outgoing undersecretary for legal and administrative affairs, will take a position as director of the State Information System Authority.

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