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Hellar Lill becomes Director of the Estonian War Museum.

19. November 2014 - 15:10

Viimsi, 5 November ‒ The new Director of the Estonian War Museum, Hellar Lill, takes office today. Former Director Kristjan Luts will continue work as a member of the Council of the Museum and will focus on academic work.

Director of the Estonian War Museum Hellar Lill cites as his main goals the continued development of the activities of the museum both in terms of increasing visitor numbers and recording military history.

“The Estonian War Museum has developed into a good thematic museum of military history. The challenge for the museum is to take more and more of its activities outside the museum walls, to speak to different audience groups, and to offer a high-quality, multi-layered experience of history,” noted Lill.

“I am handing the museum over with the knowledge that, given the possibilities in Viimsi manor, we have built a wide-ranging and modern military museum,” said former director Kristjan Luts. “I have enjoyed strong support from both my colleagues and our international partners, whom I sincerely wish to thank for these five years.”

Holding a Master’s degree in history, Hellar Lill has worked for over 15 years at the Ministry of Defence in various national defence-related positions including the fields of international relations, initial military education in civil institutions and defence service, and he has held leadership positions for over 11 years.

Founded in 1919, the Estonian War Museum was re-established in 2001 as the Estonian War Museum ‒ General Laidoner Museum. The activities of the museum include identifying, collecting, storing, studying and publicising objects and materials related to Estonian military history, as well as research in military history and the development of relations with corresponding international institutions.