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Estonian Information Board to become Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service

30. June 2017 - 18:41

As of 1 July, the amendment to the Security Authorities Act will enter into force, with which the new name of the Estonian Information Board will be the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service.

‘The new name more clearly communicates the principal function of the organisation, which is the collection of intelligence in order to protect Estonia from foreign security threats’, said Mikk Marran, Director General of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service.

According to Marran, the name change will not bring about any changes in the work of the authority. ‘The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service is and will remain dedicated to protecting Estonia.’

The homepage of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service will be located at the address

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service is a security authority within the area of government of the Ministry of Defence.
The Riigikogu passed the Act amending the Security Authorities Act on 20 April.

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