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Estonian armoured units to receive training in Finland

19. November 2014 - 15:19

Helsinki, 14 November ‒ At their meeting today, the permanent secretaries of the Estonian and Finnish defence ministries discussed the options for training Estonian infantry combat vehicle specialists in the Finnish Armour School. The training will start next year.

From February 2015, members of the Estonian Defence Forces will be able to take various training courses for CV90 infantry combat vehicle specialists alongside members of the Finnish Defence Forces in the Finnish Armour School. Officers, non-commissioned officers and cadets will receive the training. The course will cover various areas from vehicle control and the handling of on-board weaponry to tactics and maintenance.

“It is important to us that the Defence Forces receive good training and that the courses start now,” said Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Mikk Marran. “As Finland has years of experience with operating the CV90 infantry combat vehicles and they have a good training base, which they are prepared to share with us, receiving basic training there is an excellent opportunity for Estonia,” said Marran.

The Defence Forces personnel who are trained in Finland will in turn train other Defence Forces personnel in order to ensure the necessary skills for operating the CV90 combat vehicles that are being acquired from the Netherlands.

Estonia and the Netherlands will sign an agreement for the acquisition of 44 infantry combat vehicles and supporting vehicles in December. The vehicles will be delivered to Estonia in stages from 2016 to 2018.

Estonian Defence Forces personnel will be trained and the necessary infrastructure and exercise areas developed step by step in parallel with the deliveries, starting from 2015.

The acquisition of the infantry combat vehicles, support vehicles, spare parts and ammunition is the largest weapons acquisition for Estonia since regaining independence and a great leap forward for the Defence Forces.

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