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Defence League Platoon founded within the Ministry of Defence

25. January 2018 - 11:13

Volunteers working at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) formed a MoD Platoon within the Toompea sub-district of the Defence League.

The Platoon's main task is the peacetime defence of the MoD building and the employees within.

The reason behind the formation of the MoD Platoon is the willingness to make an additional contribution to national defence and the security of one’s workplace.

Almost 50 Ministry employees are taking part in the Platoon’s activities, including specialists, middle managers and members of the Ministry’s management.

Most of the Platoon’s members have completed conscript service, active duty in the Defence Forces, or were already members of the Defence League.

Captain in Reserve Andres Sang is serving as Platoon Commander.

According to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Jonatan Vseviov, the key factor in the founding of the Platoon was the wish by the Ministry’s employees to voluntarily provide a personal contribution to national defence.

‘The creation of the MoD Platoon provided us with the opportunity to combine volunteer work with our jobs, to make an individual contribution to strengthening the security network covering Estonia’, said Vseviov.

Ilmar Raag, Commander of the Toompea sub-district of the Defence League, said that the Platoon within the MoD is a pilot project of sorts.

‘Since the actions of each individual are important when it comes to resolving crises, then we will probably see the formation of additional Toompea sub-district platoons functioning under the same principle’, said Raag.

The MoD Platoon is part of the so-called reserve structure of the Defence League, the members of which do not hold wartime post placements, and their tasks are associated, above all, with object defence and other support and public defence activities.

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