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‘Colours of Freedom’ calls on people to share memories in the colours of the Estonian flag

26. July 2018 - 15:00

‘Colours of Freedom’ calls on people to share memories in the colours of the Estonian flag

This week we are starting the social media campaign ‘Colours of Freedom’, which calls on people to save photos symbolising freedom in the national colours during the anniversary year. The posted photos will form a virtual blue-black-white flag.

To participate in the creation of the flag, one must post their own pictures – which symbolise freedom to the photographer and include blue, black or white tones – to the campaign’s Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, the pictures can be sent to the address pilt[at]vabadusevarvid[dot]ee.

Upon the conclusion of the campaign, a composite flag made from the photos will be printed onto fabric, which will be raised during the global performance of the song Laulu võim ja sajandi sumin, taking place during the Nargen Festival, on 19 August at the Song Festival Grounds, within the framework of EV100’s big summer week.

The topic can be followed on social media via #vabadusevarvid.

With the campaign ‘Colours of Freedom' we are thanking everyone who has helped preserve freedom and carry its meaning', said Susan Lilleväli, Director of the Strategic Communications Department at the Ministry of Defence. ‘Freedom is an important value to our people, and during the anniversary year we wish to honour it even more,’ added Lilleväli.

The social media campaign “Colours of Freedom”, organised within the framework of the Republic of Estonia 100 celebration, was created by the Ministry of Defence.

Information on EV100 joint singing locations

In 2018, 100 years will have passed since the founding of the Republic of Estonia. Additional information on anniversary events can be found on the website

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Minister of Defence thanks General Terras
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Minister of Defence thanks General Terras

Today, a change in the position of Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces will be taking place, with Major General Martin Herem taking over the duty of protecting the flag of the Republic from General Riho Terras. A festive ceremony will be held at the Ministry of Defence, to thank General Terras for his service.