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Barracks for Allied troops opened at Tapa

28. June 2016 - 14:44

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Jonatan Vseviov handed over the keys to the barracks constructed for the Allied troops stationed here at yesterday’s ceremony at the Tapa Military Base.

According to Permanent Secretary Vseviov, the completed barracks at Tapa demonstrate the dedication of Estonia as well as all NATO Members to collective defence.

“The building is symbolic, but at the same time a real  sign. We promised to provide the best host country reception possible to our Allies coming here to ensure security, and the new barracks are confirmation of this,” said Vseviov. “Allies currently serving at Tapa are now free to move into the barracks, and if the increased presence of Allies in our region is confirmed at the NATO Warsaw Summit we will be ready to consider the construction of additional barracks."

Captain Solomon E. Metcalf of the US Army, A Company, 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, stated that his unit is happy to begin living in the recently completed modern barracks.

“At the same time, this building is more than simply a barracks; it is also a symbol of relations between allies and our collective defence," said Captain Metcalf.

The three storey barracks was constructed based on the standard barracks project developed by the Defence Forces. The ground floor of the building has storage space, arms rooms, classrooms and recreation rooms. Sleeping space for 300 people is located on the second and third floors, along with washrooms, classrooms, arms rooms, and workrooms.

In total the new barracks has sleeping space for 300, classroom space for 225 and 323 workstation spaces, with the building covering a total of 5100 m2.

The main contractor for the building is Nordecon AS, with whom a contract was signed on 28 August of last year.

The cost of the barracks was EUR 4.6 million, funding for which came from the Estonian Government’s additional funds earmarked funds for hosting allies.

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