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Baltic and Polish defence ministers reaffirm need to reinforce readiness

15. December 2014 - 14:08

Cēsis, 12 December – Defence ministers from the Baltic states and Poland discussed future defence cooperation in connection with the new security situation and agreed on new positions to be taken in implementing the outcomes of the NATO Wales summit.

One of the key topics of discussion at the meeting was the unprecedented Russian Federation aviation activity over the Baltic Sea over the weekend of December 6-7.

“The increased activity of Russian armed forces gives reason yet again to reaffirm NATO’s readiness to implement the action plan immediately and in full,” said Estonian Defence Minister Sven Mikser.

Mikser emphasized that in the current security situation, it is especially important that the Readiness Action Plan (RAP) adopted in Wales must be implemented in as complete form as it was agreed at the summit and that it must be implemented by the time of the 2016 Warsaw summit.

The participants at the defence ministers’ meeting also confirmed their shared view of the need to strengthen and increase readiness of the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast. The corps staff is located in Poland and defence forces members from the Baltic states also participate in its activity.

Due to the changing security situation, the Polish counterpart also participated in the meeting of the Baltic defence ministers. Commanders of the defence forces and military intelligence systems of each of the participating countries also took part.

The ministers stated in a joint communiqué that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland share the same view of the security situation in the region and denounced provocative behaviour from Russia. The ministers recognized the contributions of the allies in the Baltic region and confirmed the need for continued allied presence.

The next regular meeting of the defence ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will take place in May in Lithuania.

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